History of Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting (PFYM)

Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting (PFYM) is an openly inclusive Quaker yearly meeting seeking to be of service to monthly meetings and worship groups in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and adjacent areas.  Member meetings are both un-programmed and semi-programmed, large and small, firmly Christian and more universal, rural and city, but all share a common commitment to living out examples of a spirit led life of love and compassion, especially as defined by the traditional Quaker testimonies of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, Integrity, and Community

The ideals of PFYM are started clearly in our “Vision Statement and Core Elements” statement which may be found by clicking the “PFYM Foundational, Organization, and Procedural Documents” tab in the pull-down menu at the top of the page.

Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting was founded in 2015 as a natural outgrowth of Piedmont Friends Fellowship (PFF) to which all PFYM meetings also belong.  While PFF had been asked to consider becoming a yearly meeting several previous times in its institutional history, the request coming in 2008 was taken up for discernment and after seven years of threshing and consultation, the first sessions of PFYM occurred in March of 2015