Quaker Call to Action-NC

Quaker Call to Action-NC

An Urgent Call to the Religious Society of Friends went out in May 2022 inviting Friends into a national dialogue on the urgent threats to our democracy and what’s at stake. https://quakercall.net/

The national Urgent Call Steering Committee has identified Pennsylvania and North Carolina as two swing states where Friends may play a crucial role in protecting free and fair elections–our democracy.

Friends throughout North Carolina are coming together to provide resources and to invite Friends into discernment and ACTION, to become engaged in various ways to support the election and strengthen our democracy. Click on the link to join Quaker Call to Action-NC: QCNC Survey & Regisration.
You also can endorse the Quaker Call to Action-NC initiative.


The Quaker Call to Action-NC Steering Committee hosted our first state-wide Zoom call on Thursday, May 23, 7:00pm.
Our first call was an opportunity to come together to learn what actions Friends can do to participate in protecting elections, and how QCNC can facilitate connections and action.
Diane Randall brought a message of HOPE from the national Urgent Call Steering Committee.
Attendees learned about: 1) supporting local election officials, 2) voter protectors, 3) poll observers, 4) voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities, 5) working in cross-racial efforts to protect elections and strengthen democracy.

Zoom Recording: The recording of the first Call is available here: QCNC First Call- May 23, 2024
Use Passcode: 7v3K=.M4

ACTIONS LIST: Check out the compiled ACTIONS LIST below for links to many organizations working for fair and secure elections and toward a stronger democracy.

The zoom recording of the May 23rd call is available at: QCNC First Call Recording
Use this Passcode: 7v3K=.M4

Share the Quaker Call to Action-NC announcement with you meeting and Friends:

An Urgent Call to the North Carolina Religous Society of Friends is our statement of purpose–Who are we? Why now? What is the plan?

Check out the Protect our Election-Actions List to learn about ways to get involved and about organizations engaged in these shared concerns.

Reach out to the Quaker Call-NC Steering Committee–send email to: QuakerCall-NC@piedmontfriends.org

QCNC Steering Committee
(Individual Friends are not appointed by their monthly meeting
PAMELA SCHWINGL, Chapel Hill Friends Meeting
LIZZIE BIDDLE, New Garden Friends Meeting
VERNIE DAVIS, Raleigh Friend Meeting
MARGUERITE DINGMAN, Durham Friends Meeting
BOB LACKEY, Asheville Friends Meeting
WAYNE FINEGAR, Fayetteville Friends Meeting
SALLY FREEMAN, Eno Friends Meeting of Hillsborough
TIM LINDEMAN New Garden Friends Meeting
MARIAN BEANE Charlotte Friends Meeting
PAUL KLEVER, Eno Friends Meeting of Hillsborough
Clerk, Quaker Call to Action-NC

These people endorse the Quaker Call to Action-NC initiative:

  • Alice Carlton                   Chapel Hill
  • Ann Ashford                    Guilford
  • Barbara Reynolds           Ashville
  • Beverly Cowdrick            Durham
  • Bill west                          Chapel Hill
  • Bob Lackey                    Ashville
  • Bonnie Oulman               Durham
  • Chandlee White              Charlotte
  • Dan Read                       Durham
  • Deborah Bromiley           Raleigh
  • Dennis Pipkin                  Raleigh
  • Donna Allison                 Durham
  • Dorothy Mason               Greensboro
  • Evan Richardson             Asheville
  • Hart Pillow                      Chapel Hill
  • Jennie Boyd Bull             Celo
  • Jennie Ratcliffe               Durham
  • John Martinez                 Greensboro
  • John Martinez                 Greensboro
  • John Shuford                  Raleigh
  • Katherine Metzo              Charlotte
  • Katie Hanzalik                 Raleigh
  • Lizzie Biddle                   Greensboro
  • Lou Gordh                      Greensboro
  • Margaret Normile            Ashville
  • Marian Beane                 Charlotte
  • Pam Schwingl                 Chapel Hill
  • Rebecca Pedigo             Fayetteville
  • Sally Freeman                Hillsborough
  • Sandra Mueller               Raleigh
  • Sara White                     Greensboro
  • Sara White                     Greensboro
  • Tim Allen                        Durham
  • Vernie Davis                   Raleigh
  • Wayne Finegar               Fayetteville
  • Wess Daniels                  Greensboro